My Services

As a consultancy, Clarity Copy is interested in client satisfaction and results.  As an individual, I work to ensure that these elements remain at the core of my business.  Marketing impacts on a broad spectrum of business areas, and making sure that a structured operational plan is in place will ensure that there are results.

I can work with clients to start from the beginning and create this plan, specific to their resources, target audience and company needs.  Or if the marketing plan is already in place, but there is a shortgage of resources, I am able to step in and relieve the pressure.

It is important to know the direction of your business in order to put the framework in place to get you there. Here are some examples of services that I can offer in order to do this:

  • Social media management including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Press releases and distribution to press & media
  • Media relationship building
  • Creating brochure copy
  • Editorial for magazines/newspaper
  • Brand awareness
  • Company newsletter creation
  • Website creation, update & copy
  • Articles for distribution or to put onto websites
  • Sales letters

The list is endless, and I will give each project the same time and dedication.

Please email to find out how I can help you.