Who I work With

Small to Medium Companies


As a small to medium business owner, it may be your responsibility to manage at least three to four areas of your business function (if not all) including marketing. 

I can offer a unique level of flexibility to support you on all, or specific areas of your marketing. I understand that you may have time constraints and you will require an adaptable marketing professional, so I can step in to take the weight off your working day and look after all things marketing, social media, PR, website or blog writing. 

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Large Companies


Having been a freelancer for over ten years, I have noticed a steady increase in organisations outsourcing some or all of their marketing function. This may be due to budgets, skills shortages or business needs.  

Good copywriting and digital marketing are skills in high demand, and I would be delighted to hear from you to discuss how my experience and innovative approach can help support your growing business and team. 

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Third Parties and Agencies

Graphic design and website design

I have gained a great deal of experience working with third parties and other agencies. 

My clients work here is primarily on a 'pay as you go' service plan. These projects require me to 'hit the ground running' and quickly understand the business, the brief and expected outcome of my work. I have worked with graphic designers, marketing agencies, website designers and small businesses needing limited and ad-hoc marketing support. 

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